Graphic showing three people with differing abilities, coloured building blocks, and a large clipboard with the letter A 

About the Student Accessibility Advisory Committee

In 2020-2021, Student Experience undertook a review of its Academic Support & Engagement department, including the Accessible Education unit. Following engagement with the Accessible Education team, as well as campus stakeholders that included student users of Accessible Education supports, a final report with recommendations was released in March 2021. The external reviewers identified accessibility as a significant gap, and an area in which Western can move forward in a meaningful way to support students, faculty, and staff living with disabilities.

One of the specific calls to action from the report was to establish a Student Accessibility Advisory Committee. The committee provides an opportunity for students with disabilities to inform the work of Student Experience specifically, and ensures that their voice and lived experience are reflected in the design of our supports, programs, and services.

Creating the conditions to be a wholly accessible campus is no easy task. The establishment and work of the Student Accessibility Advisory Committee is just one piece of the sustained campus-wide commitment that is needed to make progress. Student Experience looks forward to getting started on this important work.

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