By engaging with your unique strengths, you will work better in academic and interpersonal settings, build confidence to pursue meaningful careers, and positively impact your community.

Western Student Experience has partnered with Gallup Inc. to bring you the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment, which will help you:

  • Improve self-awareness by discovering what you naturally do best
  • Thrive in and out of school by applying your talents to every area of your life
  • Improve performance in the classroom, at work, and everywhere else, thanks to proven advice and ideas for applying CliftonStrengths in different settings
  • Explain in a positive way who you are to peers, friends, and family using a common language of CliftonStrengths shared by more than 22 million people
  • Succeed in spite of your weaknesses using concepts and strategies that help you focus time and energy on your areas of greatest potential

Where can you access the CliftonStrengths assessment at Western?

Students can access the CliftonStrengths assessment through several curricular and co-curricular opportunities, including:

  • First year students living in residence
  • Western Launch programming
  • Western Peer Leaders
  • Learn to Lead Summit
  • Impact Experience
  • Own Your Future
  • BHER-funded Industry Project courses
  • Ivey Business School MBA and MSc programs
  • School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities
  • Scholar’s Electives

Interested in integrating CliftonStrengths into your course or program?

Staff and faculty can make a request for CliftonStrengths programming using this form.