New Students

We have a variety of programs and services to enhance your first year experience at Western University. From Summer Academic Orientation to peer mentoring programs and services for off-campus students we offer something for everyone! Please don't hesitate to connect and find the service and program to help make your transition to university a smooth and successful one. 

Get Connected

Are you a first or second year student looking for academic and social transition support? Whether you are an off-campus student, mature student, a Scholars Elective student, a student-athlete, a student registered with Accessible Education, or simply a student wanting extra support from an upper year student in your faculty, there is a mentorship program for you!

See below or email to ask which program might be the right fit for you.

Leadership & Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP)

Get matched with an upper-year student mentor who will help you make connections with other students, learn about the services at Western, and build lasting friendships.

Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport

Student Athletes can access support programming and services specifically for their unique community.

International Peer Guide Program

Matching new international students with an upper-year Western student who will connect you to the Western community, answer questions, and provide support for your transition. Offered by Western International.

Out-of-Province Students Association (OPSA)

A unique mentorship program for incoming first year students to connect with an upper-year student from the same province (and often times from the same city and program as well).

Scholar's Electives Connectors Program

Upper-year Scholar's Electives students provide first year Scholar's Electives students with support through academic, extracurricular, and social transitions to university.

Society of Mature Students

Connect with a community of fellow students who joined Western with some previous experience.

Society of Off-Campus Students

Living off campus? Join this community of students and upper-year mentors to get support in your transition to Western.